by Jena Anderson March 06, 2016

The sun is shining, warmer days are upon us, and we are all slowly awakening from winter hibernation. If you're anything like me, you are now a little more inclined to get outside, get moving or just get off the couch. I asked our #maudesquad what they do to stay healthy. Courtney was eager to share her regiment with our readers after seeing real results. (She lost 30 pounds from May to September by sticking with her fitness goals!)

Courtney's exercises are simple and require no equipment. They can be done at the gym or in your living room, too. You know, in case you don't want to get too far away from that couch.

Courtney's Get Fit Guide:

1. Push Ups

 Total Count: 50 | 10 at a time, take a small rest in between

2. Squats 

Total Count: 50 | Full power for the entire 50!


3. Leg Raises 

Total Count: 50 | Complete 25, brief rest, 25 more

4. Crunches

Total Count: 50 | Full power for all 50!

5. Reverse Crunches

Total Count: 50 | Full power the entire 50!

6. Side Oblique Crunches

Total Count: 50 | 25 each side

7. Isometric Holds

Total Count: 4 | Hold for 60 seconds each time

Here are Courtney's top 5 tips for sticking to a workout routine:

1. Talk About It: Courtney says talking about her fitness goals helps her stick with it. When her friends know she is trying to be healthier, she feels more inclined to stick with it. She also writes all of her workouts down in a notebook. She uses this as both a reflective piece and a go-to guide for workouts at the gym.

2. Join A Gym: Though you can definitely get in a good workout at home, Courtney said spending money on a gym membership also kept her accountable. When you spend money on something, you want to get your money's worth. You know, how we all spend the summer dedicated to being in or near some form of water because of that cute Maaji suit we bought...

3. Be Stylin': In the same vain as above, Courtney said she'd let herself buy cute workout clothes as motivation. We can get behind that. Those pants? Swoon. And those sneakers? Yes, please. She snagged hers from local spot Rock City Kicks.

4. Keep A Photo Diary: Courtney said she struggled at first because she wasn't seeing results as quickly as she wanted to. So she started to take pictures and started to notice subtle differences. "I would get excited about the little changes I could only really notice in photos and it made me want to work harder." And she reminds us to be patient, too, you can't achieve your end goal over night.

5. Perspective: Courtney said she would always remind herself that a 30 minute daily workout is 1/48 of an entire day. We all know how to make the excuses because we are all busy people, but sparing 1/48 of a day to find a happier, healthier you, sounds like a worthy investment.


How do you stay healthy? We will check in with #maudel Lakin in a few weeks who is running to stay fit. Plus, if you're interested in healthy eating, I'll share my experience with a 10 day cleanse from sugar, carbs and caffeine (yes, I did survive). 

Stay tuned as the #maudesquad shares our experiences with getting healthy. And feel free to share your tidbits on how you take care of you!

Jena Anderson
Jena Anderson


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