by Jena Anderson April 27, 2016

If you haven't met Kelly yet -- you are missing out (seriously). She is one of those people who manages to always brighten your day. She is vibrant, hilarious, and genuinely cares about others. The best news is? She's waiting to help you at our Rogers location. Whenever you need a little pep in your step and your closet -- we promise -- Kelly is your girl.


What piqued your interest in fashion?

When I was growing up, I didn’t have a very big allowance for clothes, so I was always very creative when I put together outfits.  When I turned sixteen I got my first job in the food industry, which I soon learned was not my calling. I decided I wanted to work with SHOES!  I got a job at Nine West and my shoe obsession flourished. Since then I’ve worked in various boutiques and have been living the life of a fashionista.


What made you want to join the team at Maude?

One of my besties worked at Maude during college and she absolutely loved it.  I was living in Dallas at the time but planning a move back to NWA when she told me Maude was looking for a store manger.  I thought it was meant to be -- and it was. I love the style Maude represents and I love the people who work here even more.


What is the hardest part about being a store manager? What is the best part?

The hardest part is when we fail to create the perfect experience for a customer. Our #1 priority is creating a positive atmosphere and providing top notch customer service. I want every customer to walk out of the door thinking "that is the best shopping experience I've ever had." So I feel like we can always be pushing ourselves to do even better.


The best part is working with the most amazing people (sales girls and customers)!  We have the greatest girls with the biggest hearts and I love seeing everyone work together to help our customers.  I also love that I’m in a position every single day where I can help women feel great about their bodies and appearance.  I think it's really important to empower each other.


What do you like to do for fun?

I love thrifting. I don’t like having things that everyone else has. When you go hunting around in thrift stores, chances are it’s pretty original!  I also like to paint -- nothing too fancy, mostly abstract pieces. A lot of my pieces are hanging in my house.  Lastly, I enjoy eating -- Mexican food and pizza are my favorites.


What do you think it means to be a #maudel for others?

For me, being a #maudel means you’re kind and gracious to everyone you meet.  I think sometimes we get caught up with having things, going places and meeting our goals. In my opinion, treating people with respect and being kind is most important.  You never know what battles people are fighting -- building each other up should be the real goal.


Who is someone in your life you consider a role #maudel?

My mom is a pretty great role #maudel. She taught me to work hard and be humble.  


What style advice do you have for our readers?

Don’t go out shopping for things just because they’re cool or trendy. Wear things that YOU LOVE!  If you want to wear a cheetah print skirt, a polka dot top and a floral headband -- DO IT!  Dress in things that make you feel happy and fabulous. Your inner cheetah girl will shine if you’re confident in your ensemble (rawr)!


What are your 3 must-have pieces this spring?

Hudson Mules by Dolce Vita (So comfortable and they look fantastic with everything)

Boyfriend Jeans (They are also super comfy and look fab with sandals, wedges, heels, etc.)

Choker Necklaces (Very 90s, but everything comes back around and I am so on board! Very edgy, different and fun)

Flare Jeans (Despite popular belief, the style is so flattering)  

Oops that’s four...


What has been your biggest lesson in life thus far?

Don’t plan your life out too much. Live in the moment.  It’s funny to think about how I imagined my ‘adult self’ when I was younger or even in college. Sometimes we try to control everything and forget that God is ultimately in control.  Of course there are things I hope to happen in the future, but I believe everything that is meant to happen will happen.

You have managed the Rogers location since it opened. What is different about the Rogers location? What sets it apart from Fayetteville?


I think the biggest difference is the heart of each store. The Fayetteville store began geared toward college students looking for fun dresses for events and evenings out. It has molded and expanded to be a shopping spot for women of all ages (our favorite thing to see is three generations of women all finding something they love) -- but it has kept the young, fast-paced college town spirit it began with. The intention behind the Rogers location was to create a space for busy moms or women in the working world who need a place close to work and home that is calm, relaxed and a bit of a refuge! But again, we've found it growing and changing -- it's becoming a favorite spot for Rogers and Bentonville high school students (which we are so excited about)! At both locations, we've worked hard to expand sizing so women of every shape and size can find something they love at Maude.


Is there anything else we should know about you?

I used to wanna be a background dancer. (A girl can dream right?)  If you come in on a good day, maybe you’ll catch me practicing. I love Snoop Dogg and have dreams sometimes that he’s my uncle (I seriously hope I can meet him one day.) And most of all, I want people to know how much I love helping our customers. I want people to feel comfortable walking up to me and saying ‘HELP ME FIND SOMETHING FABULOUS!’ and know that I’m going to try my darnedest to make sure they leave Maude feeling just that.

Jena Anderson
Jena Anderson


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