Share Your Style | Kari Beth

by Jena Anderson June 24, 2014

Name: Kari Beth
Occupation: mom of 2 and part-time seamstress 
Who is your favorite style icon?
Jessica Alba
Describe your personal style in three words?
Practically trendy. Effortless. (Basically whatever is clean and doesn't have to be ironed that makes me feel put together and gives me that extra boost of confidence to take on the day!)
What’s your favorite thing about Maude?
Shopping at Maude is definitely a treat for me. The girls are a breath of fresh air and I know I will always find something I love, whether it be for a friend, my kids, or myself! 
What’s your best advice for women who feel overwhelmed by fashion?
Don't over think it. Dress for yourself. If you like something, wear it. 
What is the one item in your closet you cannot live without?
My dark denim skinny jeans.
Where do you draw style inspiration from?
Crazy-creative and stylish, everyday women/mom bloggers.  
You’re in a rut -- what’s your go-to outfit?
High-waisted maxi or midi skirt with a loose-fitting cropped tank. 
Trend you can’t wait to try?
60's mod skirt or shift. 
Trend you can’t wait to say goodbye to?
“A Maude Girl is much more than her closet, but the one she has should be full of clothes that help her feel confident as she makes her dreams happen”...what dream of yours are you making happen?
I'm fulfilling my dream of raising a little family! 

Jena Anderson
Jena Anderson


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