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Sarah Baber

We had the opportunity to visit with Sarah Baber and gain insight about the changes that have taken place since her husband Barrett Baber has been a contestant on The Voice.
Sarah also let us style her for the next show. Isn't she a gorgeous #maudel?

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How did you and Barrett meet?

The first time we met was actually in college on New Years Eve at the Sig Ep House. I remember telling my friend that it was a shame he wasn't better looking because he was so talented. We met again five years later and the rest is history.

Do you guys have a song or a favorite artist?

We don't have a song but we both really love John Mayer.

What is your favorite song that Barrett sings?

I love when he sings Falling Again.

What is like to watch Barrett on stage?

I have cried every single time and I don't know what it is that happens but I think it's because I am so proud of him that I just start crying. It is definitely one of those ugly cries too. (We highly doubt that.) 

Is there a certain judge that awestruck you?

Gwen, she is the most beautiful person I have ever seen in real life. She is prettier in person than she is on TV and even then she still looks gorgeous.

What has your life been like since Barrett has been on the voice?

It has been really incredible. The best part has been seeing Barrett finally get recognition for doing what he loves and works really hard at. He is working all the time whether it is writing, playing, or practicing he is always doing something. The hardest part has been being away from one another we aren't used to that. He has had to be gone for several days or weeks at a time and the kids and I really miss him.

What has it been like having Arkansas support you all?

It has been unbelievable. 

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch for Halloween and we couldn't get out of there without people asking Barrett for photos and then people wanting pictures with all of us. It was just bizarre because he had only been on once or twice at that point. I think he his an advantage being the only contestant from Arkansas. It has been really humbling to have people support us especially when they don't know us.

What would you say your personal style is?

Ha. I'm still trying to figure that out! I have always gone for comfort and have never been super into hair and make-up but after having kids I felt like I needed to look cute but still wear something functional. I love solid colors like black and gray. My go to is good pair of jeans with a statement necklace.

Cats or dogs?


Favorite holiday and why?

Thanksgiving because of the food.

What is your signature dance move?

I tend to do that little dance move where you put your hands in the air and close your eyes, whatever that is.

Thank you for giving us a sneak peek into your life Sarah!



Aislinn Beaumont
Aislinn Beaumont


4 Responses

Myra Hammond
Myra Hammond

November 21, 2017

Sarah, your dad, Mike, is my first cousin. My dad was Tuss Fisher. I loved Huck and Jessie May. Have seen pictures of you as a Child. You are an amazing woman.

Mary diaz
Mary diaz

November 20, 2015

Beautiful, she’s just down to earth like a normal person, but watch Sarah your on the popular list and climbing up so take hold and get ready for more fun winnings to come God Bless and safe journeys

Becky Stephens
Becky Stephens

November 20, 2015

This young lady is beautiful inside and out, very special.

Kelly English
Kelly English

November 11, 2015

Beautiful gal inside and out! We’ve had such a fun time playing dress up! #teambaber

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