by Jena Anderson February 14, 2016

Darcy Munoz is in every way a modern woman -- juggling her first career of nursing with her second -- managing our flagship store, all the while finding time to help run this beautiful blog, and oh, having impeccable style along the way. We asked Darcy a few questions, and of course, solicited her style advice because well, she's got it going on.


What piqued your interest in fashion?

I think my love of fashion started at a really young age with a strong affinity for my Mom and Grandmother’s vintage clothing. I remember my grandmother had a cedar chest of her mother’s hats and coats dating from the 20s-50s. I loved wearing them around the house and putting the hats on my dolls. In high school, I decorated my room with these hats. After college, I became very interested in French New Wave Cinema. This really reignited my passion for fashion.

What made you want to join the team at Maude?

I’ve always loved Maude! I remember when Becca first opened on college by what is now Mama Carmen’s. I have a long appreciation for how she buys for all kinds of women. Women of different shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. Once I started blogging, Becca was always so willing to work with me even though I was just starting out. That really stuck with me and when the opportunity arose to work here, I was over the moon.

What is the hardest part about being a store manager? What is the best part?

I would say the hardest part is staying on top of all the new merchandise coming in—getting it tagged and out on the floor in a timely manner. In the same breath, it’s one of my favorite parts too. We get just as excited about new arrivals as everyone else! I also just love working with the “maude squad.” The girls are just so fun and I really enjoy working and laughing alongside them everyday.

You actually have two careers! Tell us about your other one.

Yes I do! My Bachelor’s degree is in nursing and I practiced bedside nursing full time for seven years before pursuing my creative endeavors. But now I still work one day a week at Washington Regional in the NICU (neonatal intensive care). I passionately enjoy working with this vulnerable patient population and the their families. Even though sometimes I feel like I’m running around crazy with so much to do, it actually keeps me balanced.

What do you like to do for fun?

Oh! There are so many things! I am a connoisseur of hobbies per se. Haha! I love blogging with a couple of my best friends on We have really enjoyed getting to make content that we hope is encouraging to other women. I also love traveling and exploring. Whether it’s just checking out a new spot in town or venturing to another country I really enjoy the experience. I also love TV and Film and anytime I get to catch a matinee with my husband it’s a great day.

What do you think it means to be a role #maudel for others?

I think this can look different in different times of your life, but mostly it means just being the best version of yourself possible. Life is hard. There are ups and downs and inbetweens, but hopefully you can love others the way you want to be loved during all of these times. #Maudels aren’t judgmental or critical, they pursue their goals with grace and humility.

Who is someone in your life you consider a role #maudel in your life?

I think my big sister is still one of my role #maudels. She has been pursuing a career in film for several years. I’ve always been proud of the way she pushes for her dreams against the odds and against all the people that tell you it isn’t possible. She’s always been able to be bold and dedicated in her career goals and beliefs.

What has been your biggest lesson in life thus far?

Life is never all great or all bad, it twists and turns and you have to be able to appreciate and learn from each moment. You may imagine yourself somewhere completely different than where you end up and that’s okay. Give yourself a break. It’s a journey and you're always learning. But you can’t let it pass you by, you have to boldly live your version of the good life and not let anyone stand in your way.

 What are your 3 must-have pieces this spring?

Great cropped denim, a trendy mule and breezy cotton tops.

(Check out how Darcy styles her 3 must-haves below!)

What style advice do you have for our readers?

Be yourself and don’t take fashion too seriously. It’s meant to be fun and an expression of your personality. It’s also meant to be practical and functional. If you can find your balance of function and self expression, you’ve got it made.       

Style Sesh: Darcy styles G in her favorite spring trends

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