by Kelly English January 12, 2017

There's a new foxy trend sweeping the {fashion} nation: cropped flare jeans.  I must say, we're big fans.  They're cropped, flared, frayed, and a whole lot of feisty - sounds like the best of all things, bundled into one fabulous pants package, huh?

We know lots of you are thinking, ARE YOU GIRLS CRAZY?  WHERE'S THE FLOOD?  Honestly, the craziest thing is how crazy CUTE  this style looks on every shape and size.

A cropped pant always looks effortless on you taller gals - but, this is a style that looks great on short or curvy girls, too.  The cropped hem above the ankle truly elongates those beautiful legs of yours - A dream come true for all you shorties out there!

Style your own cropped flares at home - but keep a few tips in mind:
1.  The hem of your pants should hit just above  your ankle bone.
2.  The ankle of your booties/shoes can hit below, at, or above  your ankle bone.
3.  A front tuck or cropped blouse compliments the style best.


What if you don't own any cropped flares yet?  Are you itching to try it but hesitant about buying a brand new pair of jeans?  Well, a few members of the #MaudeSquad  put together an easy DIY for crafting a perfect pair of {homemade} flares ;)

Step one: Find an old pair of flares & a trustworthy friend ;) 
Step two: Pull the hem of one pant leg above your ankle bone.  This will show your special marking buddy where to draw a cut line.

Step three: Ask your beautiful friend to mark at the inside & outside seams. 

*Your gal pal has your life in her hands with those markings.  

*Caution: if you're unsure of how much to cut, start small.  You can always cut more off but you cannot magically grow your jean hem once it's gone.

*You'll be sporting some major high-water/hillbilly pants if you cut too much off.. Hint, our suggestion to ask a friend with a steady hand. ;)

Step four: Cut horizontally from seam to seam in a straight line.  It's okay if your cuts are a little uneven - once you wash, the frays will hide any imperfections.

Step five: Fold your denim in half and use your pant leg's first cut to guide your cut for the second leg.

Step six: Try on your flares and make sure the hem hits evenly on both sides.  You may need to cut and try on a couple times to get the perfect length for you!

Step seven: Toss those bad girls in the washer & dryer & voila!  Cropped flare jeans.

*You can wash your jeans however you wish.  Warm water will created more frayed business on the bottom, but any wash cycle will fray up those hems!

If you're wondering what to do with your extra denim pieces, we had a few ideas... :)

Ladies!  Dare to flare!  Fashion is supposed to be FUN - get out there and try something new & different!  We promise you'll feel like the sassiest cat around town.. Meow!

XOXO - Maude Squad Kelly



Kelly English
Kelly English


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