by Kelly English March 07, 2017

HATS, HATS, HATS.. Let's get started with an acronym:

High atop your beautiful noggin
Adorably easy for every gal
Trendy, stylish, & oh so sassy
Say goodbye to bad hair days

We know you're starting to love em already -- and how can you NOT??  Hats are the ultimate fix for those days when you wake up and your beautiful locks are in a left, right, AND middle part.  And how does that even happen?  It's like small, hair-ruining elves ran some laps and had a slip-n-slide while you were TRYING to get your beauty sleep.. PSH.

If you're thinking - Ohhh me?  Not me, my hair always looks beautiful! - first of all, next time I see you I'm gonna give you a noogie.  Secondly, hats look fab on good hair days too.  In fact, a little extra time spent on your luscious locks will make that hat look like a million bucks!

So this week, we wanna give you a few hair style ideas to try with your hats.  If you don't yet own any of these wonderful hair adorning accessories, maybe we can give you some inspiration!  You may need a braid-expert-of-a-friend to complete a couple of these looks -- if you don't have any braiding buddies in your life, it's time to learn to DIY, gals!

French braids, long braids, double buns, & simply straight locks are a handful of our favorite EASY hat dos :)

French Braids: this classic braid can transform your hair into countless different styles.  We love the side braid; it's a sophisticated up-do with a lot of sass in the back ;) 

Classic Braids: the easiest braid of all!  Braid yourself up a couple pigtails or keep it classic with a single in the back or side.  Toss that hat on top & ta-daa, you're set.

Double Buns: at this day in age, double buns mean more than ordering a Big Mac or day dreaming about Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back :)  It's actually quite an easy concept.  Imagine one bun.. & then times that by two and we've got ourselves a winner!  Double buns equal the ultimate sass attack.  Don't be scared.. You're gonna look adorable.

Simply Straight: for you gals with naturally relaxed locks, spruce up your style with a fun ball cap or floppy hat.  You'd be amazed at the extra pizazz a simple accessory can give your OOTD.  We love a great colored or corduroy baseball style hat -it really brings us back to Beyonce circa her Crazy in Love days.  Now all you gotta do is master that booty bounce and you practically ARE Beyonce.

Maude girl Mia loves the look because it takes her from school to work without blinking an eye.  She's cute, comfy, & the look is effortless - a fashion trifecta that's hard to beat!  Follow @miasehnert for more cutie casual inspiration.


Full Bodied Curls: for the ladies with a LOT of body, sometimes all you need is a little something to tame all those luscious locks.  Whether you're feeling an up-do or down-do, thick curls look fantastic under a hat or baseball cap.

Maude girl Courtney loves the look because she's a fan of re-purposing her second day curls.  She likes the ability to throw her hair under a cap and avoid the angst of fooling with those overnight flyaways in the morning.  Courtney is also our fitness guru around the shop; she can go from hair down to hair up in a jiff when she heads to the gym after work.  Follow @courtnooooo to get style tips for a girl always on the go.


Twist Knot Bun: a twist bun works wonders on those days when you don't want anyone to see your hair.. Period.  Now this could come from a variety of reasons: maybe you haven't washed your hair in a few days, maybe you woke up thirty minutes late and have zero time to fuss with your do, or maybe you're still channeling Baby Got Back and you don't want none unless you got buns, hun.. :)  Regardless of your reasoning, a sleek, low bun will keep your locks out of your lovely face and keep your super cool hat on display.

Maude girl Kelly loves this do because her hair is long and thick, which sometimes gets hot on a warm summer's (or winter's) day; the knotted up-do keeps her cool as a cucumber.  AND it's a fantastic, quick style for those dirty hair days we face oh so often ;)  For more sassy style tips, follow @kellyrenglish.


Beach Waves & Bangs: who doesn't love love LOVE a beautiful beachy wave?  And paired with bangs.. We're swooning!  Beach waves are easy for most hair types; run a little mousse or smoothing serum through your locks and let em air dry.  Toss your hat on top and you're looking like an edgy boho queen.

Maude girl Robyn loves the look because it's so simple but the bangs make such a fashion statement!  The hat really takes it up a notch -- the cherry on top for my gravitation toward edgy-chic looks.  Follow @relizadan for more edgy girl fashion inspo.


Good Old Fashioned Piggy Tails: pigtails are in the same ballpark as double buns (except probably ten times easier) - tie up a couple loose ponies and presto.. Pigtails.  We love this look because it's the perfect combination of simple and sassy.. What more could a girl ask for?

Maude girl Jesse (aka Swag Girl Jesse) loves pigtails because they are simple, yet so much fun!  They look great by themselves or paired with a hat, which is an added bonus :)  PLUS, pigtails make your hair look longer.. #hairgoals  Follow @swag_girl_jesse_ for more swag style inspo.

Okay party people, the moral of the story is: wear more hats and try new hair dos.  Fashion can be so FUN and I promise, if you step out of your comfort zone every once in a while, you may just LOVE what you see!  Stay golden, Maude Squad.  We love you!

XOXO -Kelly






Kelly English
Kelly English


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