by Courtney Carrington October 18, 2016

Austin City Limits Music Festival is an annual music festival held in Zilker Park on two consecutive three-day weekends. ACL brings together over 130 artists of indie, folk, electronic, and rock in the middle of Austin, Texas. If you’ve been to any music festival you know one of the most exciting parts besides the live music is "festival fashion".  I start planning outfits weeks in advance and will incessantly obsess over it! 

Maude girls, Jesse and Lakin kept it classy and looked so stylish and festival-chic in everything from bandannas to bodysuits




 I sat down with Jesse to talk all things style and fashion at a music festival. Here’s what she had to say:


Q:  What was your favorite outfit that you wore all weekend?

A: My white bandanna and choker that I bought at Maude!

Q: What were some of the more trendy type of outfits you saw at ACL?

A: The most popular thing I saw at ACL were bodysuits. I saw high neck ones, deep-v ones, and even some bodysuits that crisscrossed… seriously, all types! High waisted denim shorts and kimonos were also very popular.

Q What type of shoes would you recommend to someone planning on attending a music festival?

A: I would recommend wearing sandals. I wore chacos, but any type of plush sandal would be perfect! Booties would also be a good option too, if they’re comfy, because you do a lot of walking and standing at shows. No heels!!  I also recommend you turn the pedometer app on your phone ‘on’ and tracking your miles! One day it said we walked 13 miles … That’s a half marathon!

Q: Do you start planning outfits months in advance like myself?

A: I usually try to plan but as the time gets closer I end up choosing something completely random that I forgot I even owned. Like my outfit on Day 1, I didn’t end up picking it out till I was packing for the trip.

Q: Who is your celebrity festival fashion inspiration?

A: [Laughing] I’m about to sound so lame, but Kylie Jenner because she chooses outfits that you don’t typically wear. She takes a lot of fashion risks and I admire that. There’s nothing too outrageous or too short that she just can’t pull off.

Q:  What are three things that you absolutely cannot survive a festival without?

A: That’s an easy one, WATER! You want to make sure you drink plenty of water. You also want to make sure you have a portable phone charger the whole time. And most importantly a hair tie!






Courtney Carrington
Courtney Carrington


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