Galentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is always a little more fun when you celebrate with your pals. Every day in February up to the 14th Maude is giving away a little something for you AND your friend. To enter, follow us on Instagram and tag your pal to enter!


Just in case you are planning to spoil your bestie, here are our top 5 favorite gift ideas under $20!

Boho Bracelets • $19.90
At $19.90, you can snag each of you one. What could say besties more than coordinating jewelry?
Miller Initial Carry All • $15.90
For your girl on the go, this is just what she needs. She can toss in pens for class, lip gloss, her phone and whatever else she needs to stay organized and stylish (of course).
Tocca Body Lotion  $19.90
Pamper your pal with Tocca lotion. She'll love the feminine scent and how well it works. Complete with almond oil, shea butter and honey it enriches the skin and leaves it silky (and smelling out of this world). It's a must-have for every one.
I Love You Arm Candy $15.90
Your bestie will be feeling the love with our Je Taime bracelet. It's the perfect piece to add to her daily stack.
Voluspa Candles • $19.90
Beautiful tins and even more beautiful scents, introduce your gal pal to the world of chic candles. We swear these will find their way on every gift list from here on out. And we don't doubt that you'll be doing the same, too. 
Happy Galentine's Day! We hope our picks help you spread some love and cheer to your #squad this February 14th. 

The Makeup Master: Part Two

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Part Two of Sarah's Makeup Tutorial is here!
Sarah shows you through how to get lust worthy brows, lids and lips! Plus, she lets us peek inside of her make up bag. Spoiler alert - Sarah's makeup choices will not break the bank. More money for clothes, right? Have questions for Sarah? Comment below!
Check out what's in Sarah's makeup bag...
What products do you love?
Comment below!
1. Maybelline Master Prime 2. L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer 3. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 4. Benefit Contour Powder 5. Mac Bronzer 6. Covergirl TruBlend Blush 7. Sephora Highlighter 8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade 9. L'oreal Brow Plumper 10. Lorac Shadow Pallette 11. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

Freshen Up: Spring Look Book

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Okay, so, we can't change the weather. But we can update our closets. And that feels almost just as good as 60 degree weather (maybe better). Our spring look book gives you just the dose of spring you need to help you freshen up your wardrobe and get you through the winter. 


Denim Dazed: Denim is still in this spring and we are oh so delighted. Denim pieces are easy yet chic. This dress is one of our favorites because it dons another trend sticking around for spring -- fringe. The small fringe detail on the sleeve is understated yet fun. This dress is also versatile. Lexy looks fab with it dressed up for a night out. Pair it with a flat sandal for a more casual look. And if you are eager to spruce up your closet like we are, pair this number with tights, booties and fedora, and wear it now.


The Deets: Fringe, lace ups and grommets--oh my. Bye, bye basic white tank! The grommets on this crop add just the right amount of edge to this top we swear you'll be recycling all spring long (super soft alert). Fringe is a trend that isn't going away any time soon and we are stoked. The fun fringe detail on the vegan leather skirt and necklace add drama and flair--and who doesn't love a little drama from time to time? Let's not forget these heels. Lace up heels make every thing look that much cooler. P.S. - Look out for lace up everything. Shoes, tops, will be every where this spring.


Textured Whites: This off-the-runway trend is one of our favorites for spring. Lexy's top has a festival flare while still being sophisticated and structured. The detail makes it special, perfect paired with your favorite denim, tucked in a maxi, or paired with a sleek pant for the work day. This is a spring wardrobe staple. And stay tuned for more textured white in dresses, too. 



This is just a small dose of what spring has to offer! Other notable trends...platforms, bright colors like pink and orange, belts, shoulder cut outs. Favorites like boho, fringe, and tie dye will live another season. We're cool with that, to say the least. 

The Makeup Master: Part One

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Every time I see Sarah, I can't help but stare. And you would, too -- her makeup is always flawless. Flawless. She has hands down mastered the art of looking natural and perfect at the same time. So I asked her to show us step by step how she achieves her daily look. This week, Sarah is showing us how to do our face makeup. Next week -- eyes and eyebrows. Plus the products Sarah swears by.

So be sure and check back!




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Big or small, hyper or laid back, soft or scruffy, here at Maude, we love dogs. We love dogs so much we thought we'd tell you about a few of our own. Friends, meet the #maudedogsquad. 

Boji: Boji is the dog of our photographer and social media guru, Jo. Boji is a little over a year, and Jo has had her since she was a puppy. Jo's favorite story about Boji is the time she was speeding through the kitchen, slipped, hit the dishwasher and knocked herself out cold. "At the time it wasn't funny," Jo said, "But looking back now it makes me giggle." Her favorite thing about Boji is her favorite thing about all dogs..."They are unconditionally loving and the perfect fur partner."
Bogart: Bogart is the gentle fur ball of our owner Becca. Bogart is 9 years old, and as Becca describes him, "He is the sweetest most loving dog you could ever ask for. When I first got him it was just the two of us. Though our family has grown a bit...I got married, had a couple kids, two guinea pigs, and a bunch of chickens…he has turned out to be the best family dog and is so incredibly gentle and patient with the kids and small pets. He’s 80 pounds, but he loves to cuddle and lay on my lap." When asked about her favorite memory of Bogart, she talked about the time she took him as a puppy for a walk around Lake Fayetteville. "He was a very large puppy...he got so tired he wouldn’t walk anymore. So I had to carry him. By the end of it I was dripping with sweat and thought I was going to die from exhaustion. Every single person that sped past us looked at me like I was insane."
Eleanor:  Eleanor is one of three fur children of our web manager Mere. Eleanor is 3 years old. Though short and stubby, we all know that Eleanor knows how to move.  Whenever she's at Maude, she is always on the go. Mere's favorite Elle memory so far? "Sometimes she gets a wild hair, and runs laps in the living and across the couches. One time she did this and ran straight through the screen door to the backyard. I freaked out that she was hurt, but she was completely unfazed!" And what is her favorite thing about her bulldog baby?" Since I have two other pups, I don't have any favorites, but I love that Eleanor is such a mama's girl. She is always by my side, and only cuddles with me. She is seriously the best pup a girl could have."
Todd: Todd is the newest addition of the #maudedogsquad. Our marketing and creative gal Jena fell in love when a friend sent her his picture from the Springdale Animal Shelter Facebook Page. He is about a year old, and Jena has had him for about a month. Jena shared that Todd was named after the fox from The Fox and The Hound, since he has an uncanny resemblance. Her favorite Todd memory so far? "Probably just the way he sleeps. He lays on his back with his legs completely stretched out. It's hilarious." Her favorite thing about Todd? He is pretty active, until someone holds him. He just melts in your arms. Whenever you need some snuggles, he's your guy."
We would love to meet your furry friends, too! Share your pup with us on Instagram! Be sure and tag @shopmaude and we may repost your precious pup. 
To help support local adoption, you can purchase our adorable dog tennis balls and all proceeds will go to Life of Mulligan! Don't forget, shipping is on us.
To learn more check out the Life of Mulligan Facebook Page
To purchase Mudpie Dog Tennis Balls

New Year...New Hair!

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We love when our model Ashley sports her lovely locks in a milk maid braid. Not only does it show off her outfit, it frames her face beautifully. Since winter weather can quickly dampen your 'do, we think rocking a milkmaid braid this NYE is the perfect solution. Check out our tutorial below for step by step instructions.

Split hair down the middle and braid each side. Secure with a pony tail holder.

STEP 2: Pull braid vertically by the end. Secure with hair band. 

STEP 3: Hold braid where it begins at your scalp, and pull it across the crown of your head.  

STEP 4: Secure the middle of the braid and end of the braid with bobby pins.


STEP 5: Complete the same steps with the other braid, pulling it in front of the first braid.

STEP 6: Tuck tail end of the second braid under the first braid.

STEP 7: Have edgy, beautiful, worry-free hair all night long!

A look into the life of Sarah Baber

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Sarah Baber

We had the opportunity to visit with Sarah Baber and gain insight about the changes that have taken place since her husband Barrett Baber has been a contestant on The Voice.
Sarah also let us style her for the next show. Isn't she a gorgeous #maudel?

Sarah is wearing our Sheer Texture Peplum Top $45.90 // Winter White Pencil Skirt $45.90 // Fold Over Quilted Clutch $45.90 // Snake Chain Tassel Necklace $25.90 // Harp Strappy Seychelles Heel $99.99



How did you and Barrett meet?

The first time we met was actually in college on New Years Eve at the Sig Ep House. I remember telling my friend that it was a shame he wasn't better looking because he was so talented. We met again five years later and the rest is history.

Do you guys have a song or a favorite artist?

We don't have a song but we both really love John Mayer.

What is your favorite song that Barrett sings?

I love when he sings Falling Again.

What is like to watch Barrett on stage?

I have cried every single time and I don't know what it is that happens but I think it's because I am so proud of him that I just start crying. It is definitely one of those ugly cries too. (We highly doubt that.) 

Is there a certain judge that awestruck you?

Gwen, she is the most beautiful person I have ever seen in real life. She is prettier in person than she is on TV and even then she still looks gorgeous.

What has your life been like since Barrett has been on the voice?

It has been really incredible. The best part has been seeing Barrett finally get recognition for doing what he loves and works really hard at. He is working all the time whether it is writing, playing, or practicing he is always doing something. The hardest part has been being away from one another we aren't used to that. He has had to be gone for several days or weeks at a time and the kids and I really miss him.

What has it been like having Arkansas support you all?

It has been unbelievable. 

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch for Halloween and we couldn't get out of there without people asking Barrett for photos and then people wanting pictures with all of us. It was just bizarre because he had only been on once or twice at that point. I think he his an advantage being the only contestant from Arkansas. It has been really humbling to have people support us especially when they don't know us.

What would you say your personal style is?

Ha. I'm still trying to figure that out! I have always gone for comfort and have never been super into hair and make-up but after having kids I felt like I needed to look cute but still wear something functional. I love solid colors like black and gray. My go to is good pair of jeans with a statement necklace.

Cats or dogs?


Favorite holiday and why?

Thanksgiving because of the food.

What is your signature dance move?

I tend to do that little dance move where you put your hands in the air and close your eyes, whatever that is.

Thank you for giving us a sneak peek into your life Sarah!



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