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There's something so refreshing about the start of a new year. New beginnings are one of our favorites things at Maude - new semester, new seasons, new arrivals, new opportunities - they all fill us with optimism. The very act of imagining new plans, regimens, outfits, and practices makes us a little giddy!

So it is with New Years resolutions. We know it seems kind of cliche to have fitness goals because it might not stick some of the time, but why not be cliche if it's going to motivate you?

I think it's safe to say that all of us struggle with some form of stress in our lives. Whether it's your class load, kids, or even something as small as spilling coffee on your white shirt (isn't this the worst?) Whatever it is, we've all been there and we're here to tell you it's okay because there are things we can do to take some stress out of your life and be stylish while doing so. 

Any form of exercise is an amazing way to de-stress whether it's running, swimming, or yoga. We're into anything that can help us get through our busy week! There are so many benefits to exercise, like strength building, flexibility, increase blood flow and our favorite, mindfulness. Try to go at least once a week or honestly whenever you just really need some "you" time. Below I have included some seriously stylish yoga/workout outfits thanks to our brand favorite, Maaji. 


Sailboat Windbreaker Jacket
Twist Reversible Sports Bra
Dreamy Liquid Legging



Maaji Rainwater Mock Neck Vest
Wistful Lasercut Long Sleeve Top
Maaji Misty Lane Sheer Legging



Balance Crop Sweatshirt Maaji Active
Wild Thing Sheer Back Sports Bra
Impulse Cut Out Maaji Active Legging




Thank you for reading! We hope this post has brought you some motivation to stick with your New Years resolution, whatever it may be!


Maude Squad


Authors: Hailey Harrod & Mia Sehnert

Growth Engine Incorporated Collaborator
Growth Engine Incorporated Collaborator


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