Our little shop opened its doors in 2007, in a small location in Fayetteville. Our owner, Becca, ran the whole show herself. From ordering, to merchandising, to accounting—the very first Maude girl—did it all. 

We have grown to a staff of fifteen, and recently launched this lovely little website, to share the products we love to fashion-forward ladies across the country. 

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Whether you are in our store in Fayetteville, or making a purchase online, we always want you to know how special you are to us! You are our number one priority! We are forever grateful for our amazing customers who are the reason we are here today! We are always looking for your feedback and welcome it at any time.

Beyond customer service, we are all about fashion being fun! Every woman deserves to feel confident in what she is wearing, and we are here to help you put together a look that's perfect for you—from the color, to the cut, to the statement it makes. No matter your price point or your style, we guarantee we can help you put a look together that screams you. 

We believe fashion should be fun because it is only a part of who you are. You are dreamers, mothers, students, friends, aunts, doctors, business owners, philanthropists and more. A Maude Girl is much more than her closet, but the one she has should be full of clothes that help her feel confident as she makes her dreams come true. 


The Maude Team


704 N. College |  72701 | 479.935.4700