by Hailey Harrod December 27, 2018

Dressing during New Years can be a seemingly difficult task, but don’t fret! At Maude, we offer many options that will work seamlessly into your wardrobe and have you at the top of the best-dressed lists for this special time of year! Here are some of the holiday fashion tips that we live by during one of the most fashionable seasons!

One of the best things about the New Years Eve holiday is the fashion chances you can take! At Maude, one of our preferred ways to take risks with our holiday outfit is to mix patterns, colors and textures. Why not throw a comfy faux fur jacket over a sparkly dress or romper and call it a day? We adore this holiday fashion advice because no matter what your personal style, you can have a good time dressing up!

Hey Hey Hey Jumpsuit

Irina Open Cardigan

Boogie Nights Jumpsuit

Large Fan Hoop Earrings

(Bag available in-store only)

Pandora Stripe Wrap Blouse

Maquinna Skirt

(Bag available in-store only)

While we LOVE blending a couple of clothing items together to create an ultra-fun holiday look, don’t let your outfit become a jumble of miscellaneous pieces! Try some different combinations before embarking on your holiday adventure. Take a mirror selfie! It’ll help give you the entire picture before you commit to a look.

Boogie Nights Jumpsuit

Leather Fan Earring

Gwenyth Wrap Dress

(Bag available in-store only)

While it can be tempting to choose a trendy sweater or fun pant that screams holiday, we can’t stress enough that dressing for your body type is always the top concern! Know the silhouettes that complement you best and your self-assurance will do the rest!

No matter what holiday fashion advice you decide to adhere by or ignore, we know you’ll be having pictures taken with friends and family all season and you want those memories to be amazing, not cringe worthy!

The Maude Squad wishes you all the best for the start of the new year! May 2019 be your best year yet!


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Hailey Harrod
Hailey Harrod


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