by Hailey Harrod March 13, 2019

There’s no such thing as too many shoes! At Maude, our footwear collection includes the most stylish espadrilles, wedges, sandals, and heels to complete any outfit. Step out in style when you choose our trendsetting footwear this spring and summer season!

It’s easy to neglect your feet when you’re getting dressed in the springtime and you’re wary of the weather. That’s why we listed the perfect go-to footwear that will work seamlessly with all of your spring outfit ideas. Flats are easy to throw on, look chic and put together and will keep your feet stylish. A summer strappy sandal and bring a casual vibe to your favorite looks. Espadrilles are easy to throw on as well, but are especially perfect and practical as transitional pieces during the spring - and make it easy for you to get some shopping in!

What’s especially fun about pairing spring shoes as transitional pieces with dresses, pants, skirts and leggings, is they can show a little more skin and have a lighter feel than shoes you might opt to rock during the colder months. Your spring outfits will instantly feel a bit more fun and casual with any of these shoes featuring cool patterns.

Take a look!

Le Point Mule

Alanya Colorblock Platform

Calming Influence Suede Platform

Total Relaxation

Sedef Colorblock Sandal

Calming Influence Cork Platform


Thanks for tuning in! We hope you have a great Spring Break!


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Hailey Harrod
Hailey Harrod


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