Valentines Day gift ideas -- Based on love languages!

Valentine’s Day is coming up!

So… you might be starting to think about some gift ideas you want to get your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, sister, best friend, or even daughter! We put together a little list of some gift ideas based on love language types!


1. Words of affirmation:

This personality type feels most loved when hearing about what they mean to you from genuine words! A great gift for this type would be a handwritten note! We have lots of cute, styled cards in stock right now that would make perfect gifts! Check out our “I love you more than La Croix” card!


2. Quality time:

This type of person feels most loved when you set out planned time to be with them and give them your full attention! So, hear us out… date night! What a better way to show this type of person that you love them with a little date night, girl’s night out, or just a fun night of spending time with whoever you love! To top it off give them a pair our popular Ruffle Hem Blouse with our Levi Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans as a gift to wear for this very special night!  


 3. Gifts:

Oooo, trust us, if this is their love language, anything that shows you were thinking of them and hearing them will mean the world! Even if that thing is small! A few ideas we had are our 18k Oval Earrings or Brunch Scrunchie!


4. Acts of service:

This one might cause you to do a little extra work! Here is a play by play: wake up a bit early and make her coffee (or get it from her favorite coffee shop) or breakfast in bed! As you bring this to her give her a small gift like our Self-care Planner or To Hell with Housework tee! She will LOVE it!


5. Physical touch:

First things first… start the morning with a big BEAR HUG! After that plan a snuggle nighttime extravaganza with a Satin Eye Mask and Voluspa Glass Jar Candle! Don’t forget to pop the popcorn and scratch her back! ;)


Leave us a comment below and let us know what your love language is or a gift your getting someone this valentines day! oh and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! 

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