by Hailey Harrod November 19, 2018

Hosting Friendsgiving dinners over the holiday season is always a great idea and we're here tell you why!

If there's anything out there we love more than's food and friends! Starting a tradition like a Friendsgiving dinner is such a great idea because you have an excuse to bring your close group of friends together. And everyone can pitch in with the planning, the hostess does not have to do all the work! Whether it's bringing sides, desserts or games... each gal can have a part to play in bringing the party together!

Besides setting up the time, place and who brings what, the only thing left to worry about is planning the perfect outfit for the occasion! Everyone always eats way too much during this holiday, but with all the delicious recipes how can you not stuff your face?! So that’s why we have put together several sample outfits that are super comfortable and cute. That means stretchy pants, an oversized sweater, etc.

Take a look at some of the outfits we have put together!



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Hailey Harrod
Hailey Harrod


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