by Hailey Harrod February 20, 2019

If you're an animal lover like us, then you look forward to the days where you have an excuse to spoil your pet! As you will see below, at Maude, most of the squad owns dogs! So we rounded up a few pictures and stories to share with you on this special day to give you a little look into the life of our fur babies!



Bogart is a golden retriever and belongs to the owner of Maude, Becca Brisiel. He just turned 12 last week and happens to be a Valentine's Day baby! He has a heart of gold and loves to make new friends! His favorite spot to hang out is under the stairs at home near his family.


Titan, Rhea, and Caesar

Titan, Rhea and Caesar belong to Maude squad member Hailey Harrod.

Titan is a 4 year old great dane and is Hailey's oldest fur baby. He loves to sleep on the couch all day, looking over his two other siblings to make sure they aren't getting into too much shenanigans. He doesn't share food, but loves to share his slobbery kisses.

Rhea is a 3 year old golden retriever and is Hailey's middle child. She's enjoys retrieving tennis balls, swimming in any water source and doing tricks for treats. She may be scared of her own shadow, but she makes up for it with her sweet nature.

Caesar is a 1 year old golden retriever and is Hailey's youngest. He is Rhea's younger half brother but is almost twice her size. He loves cuddle sessions, taking toys away from his other siblings and swimming in any water source like his sister.

FUN FACT: All three dogs enjoy a good game of hide and seek. They find mom really fast but it's one of their top favorites activities.



Gus belongs to Maude Squad member Emilee Dale. He is a 9 week old golden retriever.

Gus is fast making his way an interval part of the family by not giving up on turning the cat into his best friend, though he does tend to steal the cat’s toys and harness and anything else he can grab and hiding them away for safe keeping in his crate. He loves going for walks, but would just as soon handle his own leash thank you very much. This eager to please puppy shows his intelligence daily by quickly grasping new commands. But don’t turn your back on your socks and shoes or you’ll be digging through his stockpiled crate for something to wear.



Molly belongs to Maude Squad member Maddie Bloemke. Look at this sweet face!



Moose + Bella

Moose and Bella belong to Maude squad member Chloe Wilson.

Bella is 8 years old. She loves to sunbath, hunt squirrels, and guard the yard. She is a major daddies girl and is super athletic. Her adoption story: She was found on Will’s families farm as a puppy, along with her sister and mom. His parents kept her mom and sis, and Will took Bella with him to college, and they’ve been best buds ever since. 
Moose is almost 3 years old. He is the ultimate cuddle buddy and a mommas boy. He loves his toys and food. 
His adoption story: We spotted a "1 Free Puppy" sign in the front of a Kroger we had never been to before.  I ran up to hold the puppy, as another woman watched. She was contemplating on adopting him too. Even though it was love at first sight, we went inside and said we would think about it. We had been talking about adopting a puppy for some time, so Bella could have a friend. After about 10 minutes, we came back outside, and he was gone. Will asked a man in the parking lot "Did someone adopt that puppy?", and the man said the puppy was just taken a couple minutes ago. We looked at each other sadly and Will said to me, "I guess it wasn't meant to me." As we walked back to our car, the woman who had watched me hold the puppy walked up to us. She then handed him to me and said kindly " I did take him, but then I thought you should have him. I saw the way you both looked at him, and I know in my heart he should be yours. I really don't mind, you should take him. I know you will love him." And then we knew that it indeed WAS meant to be, our little Moose.  You were meant to be ours. #moosethegoose


Pepper + Eleanor

Pepper and Eleanor belong to Maude Squad member Meredith Massey. They are English bulldogs and also happen to be sisters! They may be sassy but they are equally sweet!


Boomer belongs to Maude Squad member Kelly English. He loves belly scratches, naps, and snuggles. He poses for glamour shots as you can see here, and just turned 2 at the beginning of this month!

Thanks for tuning in! We hope you get to spend some quality time with your pets on this special day!
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