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Meet Ro!

Our next #rolemaudel is our girl Ro! She is a perfect example of a strong independent woman. Not only is she a disciplined and hardworking single mom she is also active in our community. She is the perfect balance of knowing who she is and her worth while simultaneously building others up. Ro wears many hats like being a DJ, modeling, working for the non profit of INTERFORM, and so much more! Read a little more about Ro below to feel inspired: 

I’m most proud of…My son's grades and his mental health.

My best gift is…Empathy.

My biggest talent is…Accountability.

What makes me special is…Discipline. 

My friends most love _____ about me. My humor and honesty.

My biggest accomplishment is…molding instead of folding to the hard times I've experienced.

I care most about…leaving this earth better than how I found it.

What gives me most joy is…Kosmos, Maxine's popcorn and sleep.

My most embarrassing moment was…In high school, I played on the basketball team and my teammates asked me to make a warmup tape. Among the songs I added was the Ruff Ryder's anthem by DMX annnnnnd I forgot to cut off the song before DMX said a curse word. The song played all the way through, the curse word was so loud that I stopped dribbling and got hit in the head with a basketball. Needless to say, I wasn't asked to make any more warm up tapes. 

An interesting fact about me is…I'm an Army veteran.

If I had an alternative life I an actress on Saturday Night Live







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